Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jack's Old South....

So do you watch BBQ Pitmasters?

Myron Mixon is one of the judges and a world champion pitmaster. Ken and I started watching the show in Arizona and thought that he was just a character. I told Ken that I was going to send him to Myron's cooking school since Ken is such a BBQ and grill buff.

Anyway, Myron owns Jack's Old South a BBQ restaurant and has started franchising it. Jack's Old South just opened up in Braselton about 10 minutes away from us and we (I) just had to try it. I think it's his first franchise restaurant. Pleasant surprise the food was good. You just have to understand.... Ken is an excellent cook, BBQ'er, griller, however you want to put. So for me to have someone else's pulled pork and it be pretty good is a big deal.

The meat was tender and not fatty at all. (I have this revulsion to fat on meat! Ugh!) Even the slaw and potato salad were good. Myron was at the grand opening and we missed seeing him! Darn! Oh well, I'd rather have the BBQ anyway!

Best Burger Ever!!!!

So, Ken kept bugging me about trying some steak burgers that the butcher told him they were selling at the meat market.....I kept thinking to myself that they were going to be terrible. Ken said that they were grinding up leftovers of steaks and mixing them w/bacon and patting out burgers. I just kept thinking that they were going to taste overwhelmingly of nasty bacon.

Surprise, surprise, oh! delicious surprise!! The burgers are made out of ground usda prime ribeye, filet mignon and applewood smoked bacon. These are the bits that they keep after cutting steaks. One can call on on Wednesday and reserve them for Saturday. Saturday is the day they take the leftovers and make the burgers. If you don't order you might get lucky, but if they put them in the case on Saturday morning don't expect to have one for dinner.

Ken grills them up and then I like mine w/swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado and jalapenos! Delicious! Just the right amount of bacon flavor and so just yummy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was the first game of the season for both Brandon and Chloe'. Noele decided that soccer wasn't her thing after only one season. Unfortunate, because she was actually pretty good. This year was also a new league since moving to Georgia. Yaya is U12 and B is U8.

Ken and I were pretty worried about today. Brandon has been all right during practice, but not great. He has the attention span of a gnat and if things aren't moving along he gets bored and quits listening and doing what he should. Chloe' has been, well, terrible during practice. Seriously, Ken and I were both saying that we were worried because we were sure the coach was wondering what the heck he was going to do with her during the game. We knew she really wasn't that bad because Ken worked w/her so much when she played before, but we were wondering if she had forgotten everything.

Game day came and thankfully they both came alive! Brandon's team lost by two and he was ticked! It wasn't for him not trying though. He was up and down the field and just did wonderfully. Unfortunately there was one boy on his team put as keeper and that's when the other team scored all their goals. He just wasn't very good. Really sweet boy though and had really no clue that he was doing badly so it never phased him. Chloe's team tied, 3-3! Yay! Her coach had said yesterday at practice that they were playing one of the best teams or the best team in the league in rec so the girls were a little worried. She was just great! She stayed in position and chased down the other girls and passed and kicked the ball when she had (and was supposed) to. She was a little upset because she missed an opportunity to kick in a goal because she got nervous and missed the ball. Her team also had a goal kick not counted because the ref blew the whistle when the ball was in the air. It went in but didn't count. Her coach was surprised I think and kept her in most of the game and kept her as midfielder most of the game. I'm sure he was wondering where she came from.

We'll see how the rest of the season goes.... For now, SO proud of my kids!