Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jack's Old South....

So do you watch BBQ Pitmasters?

Myron Mixon is one of the judges and a world champion pitmaster. Ken and I started watching the show in Arizona and thought that he was just a character. I told Ken that I was going to send him to Myron's cooking school since Ken is such a BBQ and grill buff.

Anyway, Myron owns Jack's Old South a BBQ restaurant and has started franchising it. Jack's Old South just opened up in Braselton about 10 minutes away from us and we (I) just had to try it. I think it's his first franchise restaurant. Pleasant surprise the food was good. You just have to understand.... Ken is an excellent cook, BBQ'er, griller, however you want to put. So for me to have someone else's pulled pork and it be pretty good is a big deal.

The meat was tender and not fatty at all. (I have this revulsion to fat on meat! Ugh!) Even the slaw and potato salad were good. Myron was at the grand opening and we missed seeing him! Darn! Oh well, I'd rather have the BBQ anyway!

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