Sunday, December 5, 2010


You know on occasion when your husband just knocks one out of the park! What can you say? Nothing , but WOW!!!!

Noele was drying off after her bath and Ken had just walked in from going to get me a newspaper so that I could look at the sales ads when I heard him saying, "Sandra, go get the kids. I have something to show them." I figured that maybe we had carolers out front, boy was I in for a surprise! I told Noele to hurry and get dressed and I started walking downstairs when I heard another voice. I thought maybe Ken had run into someone from work or a relative. I was almost to the bottom of the stairs when what to my wondering eyes.....Santa was standing there!

Brandon and Chloe' were already there and then Noele came down. They were in shock at first I think. Brandon couldn't wipe the smile from his face. Each of the kids told Santa what they wanted and I snapped some pics and then it was time for him to go. I think they'll always remember this with a smile and love in their hearts.

**Ken was at the gas station when Santa asked for directions to a local church. He said they talked for about 15 minutes and then Ken left to come home. He said he realized he might not have another opportunity so he turned around and asked Santa if he could come by. Santa makes appearances for donations to his Masonic Lodge. The lodge then turns around and uses the money for charities. He doesn't do malls or anything else, nothing for personal profit. Santa was more than willing and came by for a visit. A moment when I think my husband rocks!

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